Cisco CCNP 642-813 Exam Questions 11


What does the interface subcommand switchport voice vlan 222 indicate?

A. The port is configured for both data and voice traffic.
B. The port is fully dedicated to forwarding voice traffic.
C. The port operates as an FXS telephony port.
D. Voice traffic is directed to VLAN 222.

Correct Answer: A

When you create a network implementation for a VLAN solution, what is one procedure that you should include in your plan?

A. Perform an incremental implementation of components.
B. Implement the entire solution and then test end-to-end to make sure that it is performing as designed.
C. Implement trunking of all VLANs to ensure that traffic is crossing the network as needed before performing any pruning of VLANs.
D. Test the solution on the production network in off hours.

Correct Answer: A

You have just created a new VLAN on your network. What is one step that you should include in your VLAN-based implementation and verification plan?

A. Verify that different native VLANs exist between two switches for security purposes.
B. Verify that the VLAN was added on all switches with the use of the show vlan command.
C. Verify that the switch is configured to allow for trunking on the switch ports.
D. Verify that each switch port has the correct IP address space assigned to it for the new VLAN.

Correct Answer: B

Which two statements describe a routed switch port on a multilayer switch? (Choose two.)

A. Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing are mutually supported.
B. The port is not associated with any VLAN.
C. The routed switch port supports VLAN subinterfaces.
D. The routed switch port is used when a switch has only one port per VLAN or subnet.
E. The routed switch port ensures that STP remains in the forwarding state.

Correct Answer: B,D

Which two statements correctly describe VTP? (Choose two.)

A. Transparent mode always has a configuration revision number of 0.
B. Transparent mode cannot modify a VLAN database.
C. Client mode cannot forward received VTP advertisements.
D. Client mode synchronizes its VLAN database from VTP advertisements.
E. Server mode can synchronize across VTP domains.

Correct Answer: A,D

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