Cisco CCNP 642-813 Exam Questions 14


Refer to the exhibit.

BPDUGuard is enabled on both ports of SwitchA. Initially, LinkA is connected and forwarding traffic. A new LinkB is then attached between SwitchA and HubA. Which two statements about the possible result of attaching the second link are true? (Choose two.)

A. The switch port attached to LinkB does not transition to up.
B. One or both of the two switch ports attached to the hub goes into the err-disabled state when a BPDU is received.
C. Both switch ports attached to the hub transitions to the blocking state.
D. A heavy traffic load could cause BPDU transmissions to be blocked and leave a switching loop.
E. The switch port attached to LinkA immediately transitions to the blocking state.

Correct Answer: B,D

What action should a network administrator take to enable VTP pruning on an entire management domain?

A. Enable VTP pruning on any client switch in the domain.
B. Enable VTP pruning on every switch in the domain.
C. Enable VTP pruning on any switch in the management domain.
D. Enable VTP pruning on a VTP server in the management domain.

Correct Answer: D

How does VTP pruning enhance network bandwidth?

A. by restricting unicast traffic across VTP domains
B. by reducing unnecessary flooding of traffic to inactive VLANs
C. by limiting the spreading of VLAN information
D. by disabling periodic VTP updates

Correct Answer: B

In the hardware address 0000.0c07.ac0a, what does represent?

A. vendor code
B. HSRP group number
C. HSRP router number
D. HSRP well-known physical MAC address
E. HSRP well-known virtual MAC address

Correct Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit.

The network operations center has received a call stating that users in VLAN 107 are unable to access resources through router 1. What is the cause of this problem?

A. VLAN 107 does not exist on switch A.
B. VTP is pruning VLAN 107.
C. VLAN 107 is not configured on the trunk.
D. Spanning tree is not enabled on VLAN 107.

Correct Answer: B

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