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Implementing Cisco IP Routing

Question No: 161 – (Topic 7)

Refer to Exhibit.


R1 is unable to ping interface S0/0 of R2. What is the issue the configuration that is shown here?

  1. The route-target configuration command is missing.

  2. The interface IP addresses are not in the same subnet.

  3. the syntax of the ping command is wrong.

  4. The default route configuration is missing.

  5. The serial interfaces belong to the global table instead of vrf Yellow.

Answer: D

Question No: 162 – (Topic 7)

Which two types of threshold can you configure for tracking objects? (Choose Two)

  1. percentage

  2. MTU

  3. bandwidth

  4. weight

  5. delay

  6. administrative distance

Answer: A,D

Question No: 163 – (Topic 7)

Which statement is true?

  1. RADIUS uses TCP, and TACACS uses UDP.

  2. RADIUS encrypts the entire body of the packet.

  3. TACACS encrypts only the password portion of a packet.

  4. TACACS separates authentication and authorization.

Answer: D

Question No: 164 – (Topic 7)

Refer to the exhibit. On the basis of the output from the show ipv6 interface command, what two statements must be true? (Choose two.)


  1. Interface Ethernet 0/0 was configured with the ipv6 ospf 1 area 1 command.

  2. Interface Ethernet 0/0 has been configured with the ipv6 ospf authentication ipsec spi 500 md5 command.

  3. OSPF version 3 is enabled to support IPv6.

  4. The IP address of the designated router (DR) is FE80::A8BB:CCFF:FE00:6E00.

  5. This is the designated router (DR) on the Ethernet 0/0 link.

    Answer: B,C

    Question No: 165 – (Topic 7)

    Given the network diagram.


    Which address would successfully summarize only the networks seen?

    A. B. C. D. E.

  6. These networks cannot be summarized.

Answer: C Explanation:

let#39;s suppose it is a /20 then we would have addresses from to

Now let#39;s suppose it is a /21 then we would have addresses from to

So both summaries encompass the networks we want to summarize but the second one is the most restrictive one as it only encompasses the networks we were asked to summarize and not others so it is the correct summary.

In fact just count the number of subnets which is 8 and find the exponent of 2 which is 8, that gives you 3 and to find out the summary mask just do /24 – 3 = /21.

if you make it in binary you#39;ll find out the answer too: the interesting octet is 3rd one so let#39;s convert in binary. 8 0000 1000

9 0000 1001

10 0000 1010

11 0000 1011

12 0000 1100

13 0000 1101

14 0000 1110

15 0000 1111

I#39;ve bolded the bits in common there are 5 so 16 5=21 which is mask and address is

Question No: 166 – (Topic 7)

What following parameters for the EIGRP authentication need to match in order for EIGRP neighbors to establish a neighbor relationship?

  1. Autonomous System number.

  2. K-Values

  3. If authentication is used both: the key number, the password, and the date/time.

  4. The neighbors must be on common subnet (all IGPs follow this rule).

Answer: C

Question No: 167 – (Topic 7)

Which statement about the NPTv6 protocol is true?

  1. It is used to translate IPv4 prefixes to IPv6 prefixes.

  2. It is used to translate an IPv6 address prefix to another IPv6 prefix.

  3. It is used to translate IPv6 prefixes to IPv4 subnets with appropriate masks.

  4. It is used to translate IPv4 addresses to IPv6 link-local addresses.

Answer: B

Question No: 168 – (Topic 7)

Other than a working EIGRP configuration, which option must be the same on all routers for EIGRP authentication key role over to work correctly?

  1. SMTP

  2. SNMP

  3. Passwords

  4. Time

Answer: C

Question No: 169 – (Topic 7)

Which two attributes describe UDP within a TCP/IP network? (Choose two.)

  1. Acknowledgments

  2. Unreliable delivery

  3. Connectionless communication

  4. Connection-oriented communication

  5. Increased headers

Answer: B,C

Question No: 170 – (Topic 7)

A router was configured with the eigrp stub command. The router advertises which types of


  1. connected, static, and summary

  2. static and summary

  3. connected and static

  4. connected and summary

Answer: D

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