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Which command should you use to configure a dial peer to support T.38 fax relay and to use Cisco fax relay if T.38 negotiation is unsuccessful?


A.      fax protocol t38 fallback cisco

B.      fax t38 fallback cisco

C.      fax relay t38 cisco

D.      fax relay t38 backup ciscorelay


Answer: A




The command address-hiding is entered to enable the SIP-to-SIP address hiding feature. In which configuration mode is this command entered?


A.      VoIP dial-peer configuration mode

B.      SIP configuration mode

C.      voice service VoIP configuration mode

D.      Cisco Unified Border Element configuration mode


Answer: C




Which two commands should you use on a common gateway between the two IP telephony networks to enable SIP to H.323 interworking? (Choose two.)


A.      allow-connections h323 to sip

B.      voice service h323 to sip

C.      voice service sip to h323

D.      allow-connections sip to h323


Answer: A,D




Which debug command can be used to show events specific to the Cisco Unified Border Element gateway?


A.      debug ip voip cube

B.      debug voip ipipgw

C.      debug ip cube

D.      debug voip cube events


Answer: B




Which type of delay describes the amount of time it takes to place a frame onto a physical medium?


A.      propagation delay

B.      processing delay

C.      serialization delay

D.      queuing delay


Answer: C




Which command will correctly map Class of Service mappings 0 through 7 to Differentiated Services Code Point 0, 10, 18, 26, 34, 46, 48, and 56, accordingly?


A.      mls qos map 0 10 18 26 34 46 48 56

B.      mls quos cos map 0 10 18 26 34 46 48 56

C.      mls qos cos-dscp map 0 10 18 26 34 46 48 56

D.      mls qos map cos-dscp 0 10 18 26 34 46 48 56


Answer: D




Which queuing method is the basis for the low latency queuing?


A.      weighted random early detection

B.      custom queuing

C.      weighted fair queuing

D.      class-based weighted fair queuing


Answer: D




To avoid unnecessary delay for high-priority traffic, on which speed link should you enable the link fragmentation and interleaving feature?


A.      less than 768 kb/s

B.      less than 1.544 Mb/s

C.      less than 2.048 Mb/s

D.      less than 512 kb/s


Answer: A




Which command is used to enable the AutoQoS feature on an incoming interface while also trusting existing quality of service markings?


A.      router(config-if)#auto qos voip

B.      router(config-if)#auto qos voip trust

C.      router(config)#auto qos voip trust interface interface

D.      router(config)#auto qos voip interface interface


Answer: B




Which command is used to assign 20% of the bandwidth of an interface to a traffic class with priority?


A.      router(config-cmap)#priority percent 20

B.      router(config-pmap-c)#bandwidth percent 20

C.      router(config-pmap-c)#priority percent 20

D.      router(config-cmap)#bandwidth percent 20


Answer: C



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