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Which proprietary voice client-server protocol sends traffic back to Cisco Unified Communications Manager with every digit pressed on the endpoint?


A.      H.323 Protocol

B.      Media Gateway Control Protocol

C.      Session Initiation Protocol

D.      Skinny Client Control Protocol


Answer: D




If a centralized solution has to be implemented on multiple-equipment vendors devices, which signaling protocol should be used?


A.      Session Initiation Protocol

B.      Media Gateway Control Protocol

C.      Skinny Client Control Protocol

D.      H.323 protocol


Answer: D




Which codec is the best option when a voice bandwidth of 8kbps or below is required with the highest voice quality?


A.      G.726

B.      G.728

C.      G.711

D.      G.729


Answer: D




When Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express is used, which type of files are used to enable phone displays and operations?


A.      phone GUI files

B.      phone firmware files

C.      Unified Communications Manager Express basic files

D.      Unified Communications Manager Express TSP archive files


Answer: B




Which command should you use to associate a Session Initiation Protocol phone using a tag of 1 with a directory number with a tag of 20?


A.      button 1:20

B.      button 20:1

C.      number 20 dn 1

D.      number 1 dn 20


Answer: D




Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager component provides direct digital-to-digital conversion from one codec to another?


A.      media termination point

B.      media converter

C.      digital signal processor

D.      coder


Answer: C




Which command should you use to configure a T1 CAS trunk to use the most reliable line coding technique?


A.      linecoding ami

B.      linecode b8zs

C.      linecode ami

D.      linecoding b8zs


Answer: B




When you configure a VoIP dial peer, which command should be used to configure the remote gateway with the destination IPv4 address


A.      session target ipv4:

B.      remote target ipv4:

C.      destination address

D.      destination ipv4:


Answer: A




Which digit manipulation command should be used to globally expand local 4-digit extension numbers beginning with a 4 to a full telephone number starting with 1919555 when calling outbound?


A.      prefix 1919555

B.      num-exp 4… 19195554…

C.      num-exp 4… 1919555…

D.      prefix 19195554


Answer: B




Which command can be used to display the outgoing dial peer that is reached when the telephone number 919195551234 is dialed?


A.      show dialplan 919195551234

B.      show number 919195551234

C.      show dial-peer number 919195551234

D.      show dialplan number 919195551234


Answer: D



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