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You work as a network technician at Your boss, Miss ABC, is interested in CoS values. In this particular scenario a catalyst switch has been configured to trust IP phones. Match the proper Switchassigned CoS Value with appropriate traffic type.







What is the impact of setting an RSVP policy per location pair with a default interlocation RSVP service policy?


A.      the default interlocation RSVP service policy will be overridden

B.      an RSVP mandatory mid-call retry counter will be added to calls that encounter mid-call retry errors

C.      additional bandwidth capacity will be added to the default interlocation RSVP service policy

D.      the RSVP policy will only be associated with one type of call; for example, if it is associated with video calls, audio calls will not be impacted


Answer: A 



QUESTION 179 Lumber Company phones are configured to use AAR to reroute a call when the call is rejected due to insufficient IP WAN bandwidth. Which AAR configuration parameter will prevent a call originating at a lobby phone from using AAR when CAC rejects the call due to insufficient bandwidth?


A.      disabling AAR for the specific DN

B.      changing the AAR Calling Search Space in the IP phone line settings

C.      changing the AAR Group information

D.      changing the AAR External Phone Number masks


Answer: B 




You need to establish a connection from your Cisco Unified CallManager cluster to a service provider’s registrar server. Which trunk type should you select?


A.      intercluster trunk (non-gatekeeper-controlled)

B.      intercluster trunk (gatekeeper-controlled)

C.      H.225 trunk (gatekeeper-controlled)

D.      SIP trunk


Answer: D 




You have two clusters with six Cisco Unified CallManager systems in each. How many ICTs must be configured to provide full server redundancy if a gatekeeper is present in the network?


A.      4

B.      6

C.      5

D.      1


Answer: D 



QUESTION 182’s Bicycles has three manufacturing plants and 145 retail stores. Each of the manufacturing plants has a Cisco Unified CallManager cluster. The retail stores use a mix of Cisco Unified CallManager Express and key systems with gateways. What is the recommended trunk type to use on the Cisco Unified CallManager clusters for full intersite calling capability?


A.      gatekeeper-controlled interclustertrunks

B.      gatekeeper-controlled H.225 trunks

C.      non-gatekeeper-controlled intercluster trunks

D.      SIP trunks


Answer: B 




What two types of calls can cause the Cisco Unified CallManagerto send an ARQ to a gatekeeper to determine if a call should be routed? (Choose two.)


A.      calls routed to SIP gateways

B.      calls routed to H.323 gateways

C.      calls routed over an intercluster trunk

D.      calls routed to MGCP gateways


Answer: B,C 




A dial peer is configured with an outgoing COR list. Which two conditions must be met for calls matching this outbound dial peer to be blocked? (Choose two.)


A.      An incoming COR list must be configured on the matched inbound dial peer.

B.      An incoming COR list must be configured on the matched outbound dial peer.

C.      The outgoing COR list must be a superset of the incoming COR list.

D.      The incoming COR list and the outgoing COR list must contain the same members.

E.       The outgoing COR list must be a subset of the incoming COR list.


Answer: A,E 




When using 802.3af inline power, what is the default power wattage that the Catalyst switch provides to an IP phone?


A.      0 watts

B.      4 watts

C.      7 watts

D.      15.4 watts


Answer: D 




What is one difference between Cisco inline power and 802.3af PoE?


A.      Cisco inline power should only be activated for those ports that require PoE to avoid oversubscription.

B.      You must determine the total number of IP phones the switch can support with 802.3af to avoid oversubscription.

C.      You must specify which set of pins the powered device is going to accept power on for 802.3af.

D.      Cisco inline power provides a variable amount of power by using CDP.


Answer: B 




In a centralized call-processing solution, there are five sites connected through an IP WAN. To optimize the utilization of the IP WAN, CAC needs to be implemented. How should CAC be implemented?


A.      use a gatekeeper to control allocated bandwidth properly

B.      use locations CAC with a single location

C.      use a gatekeeper and Cisco Unified Border Element to provide CAC to sites that use a combination of SIP and MGCP gateways

D.      use a gatekeeper to only control those locations that use H.323 gateways and a Cisco Unified Border Element to control those sites that use MGCP or SIP gateways

E.       use locations CAC with five locations in addition to Hub none


Answer: E 


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