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What happens when the TFTP server is not available?


A.      CUCM can’t read phone configurations

B.      Phones can’t download configuration

C.      Phones need to be restarted

D.      TFTP server needs to be restarted


Answer: B 




You work as a network technician at Your boss, Miss ABC, is interested in 8.0 SIP phones and the NTP clock. Place the sources in the appropriate sequence.







What happens when you try to configure the fourth member of a Cisco Unified CallManager group?


A.      Cisco Unified CallManager Administration will display an error and replace the last entered member of the Cisco Unified CallManager group with the new entry.

B.      Cisco Unified CallManager Administration will display an error message when you attempt to add the fourth member.

C.      The fourth member will be added to the sequential list.

D.      The new member will replace the first member on the list.


Answer: B 




Which three Cisco Unified CallManager configuration steps are required to support third party SIP phones? (Choose three.)


A.      configure the device in Cisco Unified CallManager

B.      change the proxy address in the SIP phone to an IP address or the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of Cisco Unified CallManager

C.      associate the device with the end user

D.      configure the phone with the TLS username and password

E.       configure the end user in Cisco Unified CallManager

F.       add the MAC address of the Cisco Unified CallManager server to the SIP phone configuration page


Answer: A,C,E 




What is the relationship between a Region and a Location?


A.      The Region codec parameter is used between a Region and its configured Locations.

B.      The Region setting for a Location sets the number of audio and video calls that Location can support.

C.      The codec parameter configured in the Region is only used between Regions and Location bandwidth is only used between Locations.

D.      The Region codec parameter is combined with Location bandwidth when communicating with other Regions.


Answer: C 




How are Cisco Unified CallManager location parameters used?


A.      Assign directory numbers to devices as they connect to the IP telephony network

B.      Specify the bandwidth used for audio and video calls.

C.      Implement call admission control in a centralized call processing deployment.

D.      Provide alternate call routing when the primary call path is unavailable


Answer: C 




The Corporation is experiencing poor, choppy audio quality on voice calls placed across their WAN link to and from Madison. What can be done to the Location parameter for Madison to help alleviate this problem?


A.      Nothing, the audio bandwidth Location parameter for Madison is not related to the problem.

B.      Increase the audio bandwidth setting in the Location configuration window for Madison.

C.      Decrease the audio bandwidth setting in the Location configuration window for Madison.

D.      Remove the audio bandwidth parameter in the Location configuration window for Madison.


Answer: C 




What is the purpose of using device pools?


A.      to provide an easily modified set of system parameters for the Cisco Unified CallManager server and endpoints

B.      to provide all the IP phone parameters required for auto-registration

C.      to consolidate the dial plan for a set of IP phones in the same location

D.      to provide a convenient way to define a set of common characteristics that can be assigned to devices


Answer: D 




Which two SIP issues should be considered when deploying KPML? (Choose two.)


A.      Additional MTP resources will be required.

B.      There will be significantly more signaling traffic on the network.

C.      Additional configuration steps will be required for SIP phone dial rules.

D.      Social engineering will be required to educate users about how to dial a call with SIP.

E.       There will be additional processing demands on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server.


Answer: B,E 




What are the minimum configuration parameters required to manually add an IP phone to Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.0?


A.      MAC address, device pool, and phone button template

B.      MAC address, user profile, phone security profile, and phone button template

C.      MAC address, device pool, phone security profile, and phone button template

D.      MAC address, device profile, user security profile, and phone button template


Answer: C 




Which three menu choices will open a window in which you can assign softkey templates? (Choose three.)


A.      Device > Phone Configuration

B.      Device > Device Settings > Device Profile

C.      Service > Service Parameters

D.      System > Device Defaults Configuration

E.       System > Device Pool Configuration

F.       System > Enterprise Parameters


Answer: A,B,E 




When an IP phone boots up, which mechanism provides the VLAN ID?


A.      CDP

B.      DNS

C.      DHCP

D.      TFTP

E.       Option 150


Answer: A 



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