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Please study the exhibit carefully. What will this translation pattern configuration accomplish? Exhibit:


A.      allow the display of the calling number

B.      block the display of the calling number

C.      honor the presentation display of the caller

D.      it will not change the calling line ID presentation


Answer: B 




You work as a network technician at Your boss, miss ABC, is interested MoH parameters. Match the proper paramter with appropriate description.








Which tool would be useful for analyzing changes or additions to an existing dial plan?


A.      DRS

B.      car

C.      QRT

D.      dna


Answer: D 




The Lumber Company would like to use AAR to reroute calls made from HQ to remote locations when those calls are rejected by the IP WAN because of insufficient bandwidth. The Lumber Company uses 5-digit dialing to all locations. Headquarters has a DID range from 770-555-0001 to 770-557-0500 and the Macon facility has a DID range from 912-556-0500 to 912-556-0550.How should the external phone masks be configured?


A.      770557XXXX

B.      9125560XXX

C.      770555XXXX

D.      77055XXXXX


Answer: D 




The Lumber Company uses a centralized call processing model to connect their saw mills in Albany and Columbus. Each mill is configured as a separate Location in Cisco Unified CallManager at HQ. Each Location has been configured with 256 Kbps of voice bandwidth. How many G.729 calls can be placed between Locations simultaneously?


A.      8

B.      10

C.      5

D.      23


Answer: B 




You are the network administrator. What is the correct order to implement call coverage?


A.      (I) (II) (III) (V) (IV)

B.      (IV) (I) (II) (III) (V)

C.      (V) (IV) (i) (ii) (Hi)

D.      (IV) (I) (II) (V) (III)


Answer: B 




Which of these best describes the function of transformations?


A.      allow the call-routing component to modify the calling or called number

B.      identify and define the tags and operatives used in route filters

C.      configure and revise discard digits

D.      redirect calls


Answer: A 




Which three can be assigned a partition? (Choose three.)


A.      directory number

B.      IP phone

C.      gateway

D.      route pattern

E.       translation pattern

F.       gatekeeper


Answer: A,D,E 




Which of these two route patterns will be matched if 99118855 is dialed with en bloc dialing enabled?

9.911 Urgent Priority Enabled



A.      9.911 will always be matched because it is tagged as Urgent Priority.

B.      9.[2-9]XXXXXX will be matched first because en bloc dialing is being used. The Urgent Priority tag will be ignored in this case.

C.      There will be a tie between the two route patterns, and a random selection will be made.

D.      The 9.911 pattern will be dialed first and if the call is not successful, then the other potential match will be attempted.

E.       Cisco Unified Communications Manager will not be able to determine which pattern to match. For this reason, it will generate an annunciator message that the call cannot be completed as dialed.


Answer: B 




Which statement best describes Urgent Priority operations in relation to call routing in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?


A.      An Urgent Priority operation is initiated whenever an IP phone user presses the # key for immediate dialing.

B.      An Urgent Priority operation can be configured on a route pattern to force immediate routing when a first match is detected, even if there are longer route patterns that are also potential matches.

C.      Urgent Priority operations are automatically performed in translation patterns and emergency route patterns in order to force immediate routing when a first match is detected, even if there are longer route patterns that are also potential matches.

D.      Urgent Priority operations cannot be used for VoIP route patterns; they are only applicable to PSTN route patterns.


Answer: B 



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