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For phone hardening tasks, which two statements are accurate? (Choose two.)


A.      By default, Cisco Unified CallManager disables the PC port on all Cisco IP phones that have a PC port. It is possible to enable the PC Port setting in the Phone Configuration window of Cisco Unified CallManager Administration.

B.      Disabling PC voice VLAN access will cause packets received from the PC port that uses the voice VLAN tag to drop.

C.      Disabling settings access prohibits access to all the options that are normally displayed when the Settings button on the phone is pressed.

D.      Disabling settings access automatically sets the current Contrast, Ring Type, Network Configuration, Model Information, Status, and Volume settings to the default for that phone.


Answer: B,C 




Which of these is the best practice to employ when using certificates between a browser and the Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0 server?


A.      Use either SSH or CLI to view the thumbprint of the certificate and then communicate the information to all web browser users so they already have it available when they receive the security alert.

B.      Install thumbprint readers on the devices that need to connect to the Cisco Unified CallManager servers via HTTPS.

C.      Use SSH exclusively to verify the thumbprint of the certificate and then send the certificate to all web browser users that require access to the server.

D.      Note the thumbprint of the Cisco Unified CallManager certificates after installation and then communicate the information to all web browser users so they have it available when they receive the security alert.


Answer: D 




Which two options are functions of Cisco Unified CallManager RTMT? (Choose two.)


A.      records device-level and port-level information in the gatekeeper table, based on Cisco Unified CallManager alarms

B.      monitors a preconfigured set of management objects

C.      generates daily reports on system resources

D.      stores each H.323 gateway as a device in an H.323 table


Answer: B,C 




You need to delete and add a new device pool to your Cisco Unified CallManager cluster, but when you try to delete the existing device pool you receive an error message stating that the device pool is still in use. Which tool can you use to determine which devices are still using the device pool?


A.      the Dial Plan report

B.      Device Pool records

C.      Dependency records

D.      Cisco Unified CallManager group records


Answer: C 




Which Cisco Unified CallManager RTMT component retrieves real-time information that exists on nodes in the cluster?


A.      Log Partition Monitor

B.      RTMT Java client

C.      Serviceability Reporter

D.      Alert Manager and Collector


Answer: D 




Which IP phone hardening technique will prevent call signaling and media stream tampering?


A.      disable GARP

B.      disable PC. to-voice VLAN access

C.      use MIC firmware images signed by Cisco

D.      store IP phone configuration files on the SFTP server

E.       deploy authentication and encryption between IP phones and Cisco Unified Communications Manager


Answer: E 




Which multiple line appearance parameter sets a number of calls per line beyond which all incoming calls will be forwarded?


A.      No Answer Ring Duration

B.      Maximum Number of Calls

C.      Call Forward Busy

D.      Busy Trigger


Answer: D 


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