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You work as a network technician at Your boss, Miss ABC, is interested in trunk types. Match the proper trunk type with appropriate use.







How does the Cisco Unified CallManager use RSVP?


A.      it uses RSVP reservations to request double the bandwidth so calls can flow in both directions

B.      it uses the RSVP-configured bandwidth between sites as a method of determining if there is sufficient bandwidth for a call

C.      it uses an RSVP-enabled infrastructure and an RSVP agent controlled by Cisco Unified CallManager to request a bandwidth reservation from the network in order to place a call

D.      it initiates RSVP reservations from the Cisco Unified CallManager server, which is an active participant in the reservation process


Answer: C 




What causes an IP phone to register with the SRST router when the IP WAN fails?


A.      The IP WAN interface on the SRST router goes down and triggers an SRST operation.

B.      The IP phone loses keepalives from the Cisco Unified CallManager and reregisters with the SRST.

C.      The SRST sends an INVITE message to the IP phone when the IP WAN fails.

D.      The SRST router stops receiving keepalives from the Cisco Unified CallManager and falls back to the SRST


Answer: B 




You have configured SRST at a remote site on an MGCP gateway. During testing, you find that IP phones are not registering with the SRST router when the IP WAN fails.


Which three potential problems need to be investigated? (Choose three.)


A.      The ccm-managerfallback-mgcp command is missing in the SRST router.

B.      No SRST reference address is included in the device pool.

C.      The max-dn command is missing in the SRST router.

D.      The max-ephones command is missing in the SRST router.


Answer: B,C,D 




Which two are requirements for configuring a gatekeeper-controlled intercluster trunk? (Choose two.)


A.      The assigned name must be unique within the cluster.

B.      The Cisco Unified CallManager group in the assigned device pool will determine which Cisco Unified CallManager systems register with the gatekeeper.

C.      RSVP must be enabled to provide CAC between clusters.

D.      The gatekeeper must be defined in Cisco Unified CallManager before the intercluster trunk is added


Answer: A,D 


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