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In what Cisco solution is Simple Network-Enabled Auto Provision technology used?


A.      Cisco Unified Gateway Duplication

B.      Cisco Unified CallManager Redundancy

C.      Cisco Unified SRST

D.      Cisco Unified Call Survivability


Answer: C




While configuring Call Survivability in Cisco Unified Communications Manager, what step is mandatory to reach remote sites while in SRST mode?


A.      Enable Cisco Remote Site Reachability.

B.      Configure CFUR.

C.      Enable the SRST checkbox in the MGCP gateway.

D.      Configure the H.323 gateway for SRST in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

E.       Enable the Failover Service parameter.


Answer: B 




While operating in SRST, what is needed to route calls outside of the remote site location to the PSTN?


A.      SIP trunk

B.      CallManager route patterns

C.      translation patterns

D.      POTS dial peers

E.       VOIP dial peers


Answer: D




When using Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express in SRST mode, how many multicast music on hold streams can be utilized by the system at any given time?


A.      3

B.      6

C.      2

D.      4

E.       1

F.       5


Answer: B




Refer to the exhibit.


What music on hold audio source will be heard if a user at extension 1372 places the user at extension 3041 on hold?



B.      moh1.wav

C.      default.wav

D.      moh2.wav



Answer: E




To preserve analog calls in an MGCP switchback event, which three commands must be configured in the MGCP fallback router? (Choose three.)


A.      h323

B.      mgcp-switchback-graceful

C.      voice service voip

D.      mgcp-graceful

E.       preserve-h323

F.       no h225 timeout keepalive


Answer: A,C,F




Which two locations are the best locations that an end user can use to determine if an IP phone is working in SRST mode? (Choose two.)


A.      Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration

B.      IP phone display

C.      Cisco Unified SRST Router

D.      Cisco Unified MGCP Fallback Router

E.       physical IP phone settings


Answer: B,E 




What is the fastest way for an engineer to test the implementation of SRST in a production environment?


A.      Shut down the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Servers.

B.      Shut down the switch ports connected to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Servers.

C.      Add a null route to the publisher Cisco Unified Communications Manager at the remote router. Remove the null route when the operation is verified.

D.      Unplug the IP phones from their switch ports.

E.       Verification is not needed.


Answer: C




When Cisco Extension Mobility is implemented, which CSS is used for calling privileges?


A.      The user device profile line CSS combined with the device CSS of the physical phone used to log in the extension mobility user.

B.      The user device profile device CSS combined with the line CSS of the physical phone used to log in the extension mobility user.

C.      Only the user device profile device CSS is used.

D.      The combined line/device CSS of the physical phone is used to log in the extension mobility user.

E.       The combined line/device CSS of the user device profile.


Answer: A




When multiple Cisco Extension Mobility profiles exist, which actions take place when a user tries to log in to Cisco Extension Mobility?


A.      The login will fail because only a single Cisco Extension Mobility profile is allowed.

B.      The user must select the desired profile.

C.      The user must login to both profiles in the order they are presented.

D.      The user may login to both profiles in any order.

E.       Login will only be allowed to multiple profiles if the service parameter Allow Multiple Logins is enabled.


Answer: B 


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