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You are the Cisco Unified Communications Manager in After you add the Tcl paramspace command, the application can____.


A.      set aside memory for application variables

B.      access the data on an internal server

C.      access the data on an external server

D.      share parameters between different call applications


Answer: D 




The following exhibit shows configs for H.323 gateway. You have been asked to implement TEHO from a remote branch office with area code 301 to the HQ office with area code 201 using Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The remote office has an MGCP gateway and the HQ office has an H.323 gateway. Once the call arrives at the HQ, it should break out to the PSTN as a seven-digit local call. Which statement about the route pattern is true?


A.      route pattern should be 91201.[2-9]XXXXXX with Discard Digit as Predot and Prefix 9

B.      route pattern should be 91201.[2-9]XXXXXX with Discard Digit as Predot

C.      route pattern should be 91201.[2-9]XXXXXX

D.      route pattern should be 9.1201[2-9]XXXXXX with Discard Digit as Predot

E.       route pattern should be 9.1201[2-9]XXXXXX with Discard Digit as Predot and Prefix 9


Answer: A 




What is the default value for the Drop Ad Hoc Conference service parameter? (Source:Preventing Toll Fraud)


A.      Never

B.      When No On-Net Parties Remain in the Conference

C.      When No Off-Net Parties Remain in the Conference

D.      Drop Ad Hoc Conference When Creator Leaves


Answer: A




When you configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager, you need to configure the router for Survivable Remote Site Telephony in case the Cisco Unified Communications Manger stops working. On which two factors would the number of IP phones and Directory Numbers that can register to the SRST router depend? (Choose two.)


A.      The protocol that is used in Cisco Unified Communications Manager

B.      Cisco Unified Communications Manager version

C.      Cisco IOS Software version

D.      WAN link bandwidth

E.       capacity of the Cisco Media Convergence Server

F.       router platform


Answer: C,F




With Media Gateway Control Protocol configuration on the voice gateway, which three types of messages are involved in the call flow between the call agent and the voice gateway? (Choose three.)


A.      audit endpoint

B.      modify endpoint

C.      create connection

D.      delete notification

E.       restart in progress

F.       end connections


Answer: A,C,E




Which trunk should you use in an H.323 gatekeeper-controlled network?


A.      H.323

B.      H.225

C.      SIP

D.      Intercluster

E.       MGCP FXO trunk

F.       MGCP T1/E1 trunk


Answer: B




Which sign is prefixed to the number in global call routing?



B.      +

C.      #

D.      @

E.       &

F.       *


Answer: B




What are the two tasks that you must perform to configure the Service Advertisement Framework forwarder in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.)


A.      create VPN groups

B.      create VPN profiles

C.      create a new Service Advertisement Framework security profile

D.      set feature configuration parameters of Call Control Discovery

E.       configure Service Advertisement Framework forwarder information

F.       enable enterprise parameter for Service Advertisement Framework forwarder


Answer: C,E




You are entering the description for the Service Advertisement Framework forwarder. Which three characters should you avoid entering in the description? (Choose three.)


A.      <>

B.      &

C.      %

D.      #

E.       $

F.       @


Answer: A,B,C




You are deploying a remote office setup that connects with Cisco Unity Communications Manager at a hub location. You have an available dedicated bandwidth of 20% from the 2-Mb/s WAN circuit for VoIP that supports a maximum of 17 calls. Which codec do you configure in Cisco Unity Communications Manager to achieve this?


A.      G.722

B.      G.711

C.      G.729

D.      iSAC

E.       GSM-FR

F.       iLBC


Answer: C



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