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Which protocol is used to send Voice Profile for Internet Mail messages to the Internet?


A.      Internet Relay Chat

B.      Session Initiation Protocol for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions

C.      Session Initiation Protocol

D.      Internet Message Access Protocol

E.       Post Office Protocol version 3

F.       Simple Mail Transfer Protocol


Answer: F




On which two protocols is the Voice Profile for Internet Mail protocol based? (Choose two.)


A.      Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

B.      Internet Message Access Protocol

C.      Post Office Protocol version 3

D.      Internet Relay Chat

E.       Session Initiation Protocol for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions

F.       Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension


Answer: A,F




What is the next logical step in troubleshooting Cisco Unified Presence and Cisco Unified Personal Communicator in a live production environment if the Cisco Unified Presence System Troubleshooter and Server Health Tools do not help resolve the issue?


A.      Restart the Cisco Unified Presence server.

B.      Restart Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

C.      Enable tracing and use Cisco Unified RTMT to review the traces.

D.      Uninstall and re-install Cisco Unified Personal Communicator.

E.       Reset the Presence Gateway.


Answer: C




You are in the final phase of configuring Cisco Unified Presence and you need to activate the required services under Cisco Unified Serviceability. Which three Cisco Unified Presence services should you activate for it to work? (Choose three.)


A.      Extensible Communication Platform Connection Manager

B.      Sync Agent

C.      Web Connection Manager

D.      Session Initiation Protocol Proxy

E.       Extensible Communication Platform Authentication Service

F.       Engine


Answer: B,D,F




You are the VoIP administrator for your company. You have assigned a soft phone to a sales officer. The user is currently at the airport and uses Cisco Unified Personal Communicator over a VPN connection. The user reports that calls could not be made or received. What should you verify before fixing the problem?


A.      firewall settings in your company network

B.      if the end user is associated with the Client Service Framework device in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager end-user configuration

C.      class of service settings

D.      if directory number is configured to the correct partition and calling search space

E.       user authentication

F.       if global call routing is enabled


Answer: B




You are managing a Cisco Unity Connection server. You want to assign permissions to a junior administrator to manage call handlers and directory handlers on the Cisco Unity Connection server. Which role should you assign to the junior administrator?


A.      Remote Administrator

B.      User Administrator

C.      Greeting Administrator

D.      Help Desk Administrator

E.       Audit Administrator

F.       Audio Text Administrator


Answer: F




As a Cisco Unity administrator, you have set the default Automatic Gain Control value to -26 dB. Which value will you set Automatic Gain Control to when you want to increase the average volume?


A.      -10 dB

B.      -30 dB

C.      -40 dB

D.      -50 dB

E.       -60 dB


Answer: A




You need to configure Cisco Unity Connection in a cluster that will have four servers. One server will hold the publisher role. How many licenses do you need to configure Cisco Unity Connection successfully in a cluster?


A.      1

B.      2

C.      3

D.      4

E.       5

F.       6


Answer: B




In Cisco Unity Connection, which type of message cannot be forwarded by a phone user?


A.      messages marked as Urgent

B.      messages marked as Private

C.      messages marked as Secure

D.      messages marked as Future Delivery

E.       messages marked as Saved

F.       messages marked as Archived


Answer: B




Which call management option plays an audio list for users to select options from and reach users?


A.      call handlers

B.      directory handlers

C.      interview handlers

D.      call routing tables

E.       restriction tables

F.       message handlers


Answer: B


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