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Which two options are types of directory handlers? (Choose two.)


A.      voice-enabled

B.      phone keypad

C.      forwarded rules

D.      direct rules

E.       standard hours

F.       closed hours


Answer: A,B




In Cisco Unity Connection, a user uses an Integrated Messaging Access Protocol client, such as ViewMail, to record, send, and forward voice messages to another user. Which system feature is used to map the sender and the recipient of the message to the correct user?


A.      message notification

B.      greetings and caller input

C.      mailbox storage settings and administration

D.      Simple Mail Transfer Protocol proxy address

E.       distribution lists

F.       external service accounts


Answer: D




You are configuring a call routing rule in the Call Management > Call Routing > Direct Routing Rules interface. You want a call routing rule to apply to all ports in the Ports field..

Which value should you assign to the Ports field?


A.      add all ports

B.      assign * (asterisk)

C.       assign ? (question mark)

D.      leave it blank

E.       assign # (hash)

F.       assign three *** (asterisks)


Answer: D




Which two rules are the direct rules in Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose two.)


A.      Attempt Sign-in

B.      Opening Greeting

C.      Attempt Forward

D.      Attempt Sign-out

E.       Attempt Send

F.       Closing Greeting


Answer: A,B




After you install Cisco Unity Connection, where are the objects that belong to a partition placed?


A.      <Server Name> Partition

B.      <Object Name> Partition

C.      <Partition Name> Partition

D.      <Directory Name> Partition

E.       <Object.Partition> Partition

F.       <Server.Object> Partition


Answer: A




You are troubleshooting Cisco Unity Connection and find that the interview handlers service does not play anything. You find that only Goodbye call handler is available. What must you verify before trying to fix the problem?


A.      Users and call handlers are placed in the correct partition.

B.      Phone language settings are correct.

C.      Users have selected the delist option.

D.      Questions are active and recorded.

E.       Dial plan has been set up correctly.

F.       Calls are routed when callers press “0”.


Answer: D




An IP phone user dials into Cisco Unity Connection and hears the reorder tone. What could be the two possible issues? (Choose two.)


A.      The parameter Register with Session Initiation Protocol Server is not set on the trunk-group configuration page.

B.      The parameter Register with Session Initiation Protocol Server is not set on the port-group configuration page.

C.      The parameter Register with Session Initiation Protocol Server is not set on the hunt-group configuration page.

D.      The Cisco Unified Presence servers need to be sorted in the order in which the IP phones are registered.

E.       The Session Initiation Protocol servers need to be sorted in the order in which the IP phones are registered.

F.       The Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers need to be sorted in the order in which the IP phones are registered.


Answer: B,F




As a VoIP administrator, you are trying to set the time manually by accessing Cisco Unity Connection, Settings > Time.

You see that the changes are not applied immediately. You wait for 15 minutes, but changes are still not applied. Which two solutions can you try? (Choose two.)


A.      Wait at least 45 minutes for changes to be reflected for the entire company.

B.      Try the utility system reload command via the CLI.

C.      Wait at least 60 minutes for changes to be reflected for the entire company.

D.      In the GUI, go to Settings > Version and restart the server.

E.       Try reapplying the changes again.

F.       In the CLI, try the utils system restart command to reboot the server.


Answer: D,F




Which two types of mailboxes are supported by Cisco Unity Express? (Choose two.)


A.      personal

B.      general delivery

C.      group

D.      mailing list

E.       voice

F.       temporary


Answer: A,B




A subscriber to the Internet Messaging Access Protocol feature of Cisco Unity Express sees a “Mailbox Full” notification. What is the percentage of space used that his mailbox has exceeded?


A.      94 percent

B.      95 percent

C.      96 percent

D.      97 percent

E.       98 percent

F.       99 percent


Answer: D




Which operation in Cisco Unity Express allows you to modify settings such as clock and default language?


A.      user.conifguration

B.      user.mailbox

C.      system.configuration

D.      voicemail.configuration

E.       webapp.control

F.       site.configuration


Answer: C




You need to change the IP address of the Cisco Unity Express. To achieve this goal, you change the IP address of the service-engine interface and the internal IP address of the Cisco Unity Express module. You also make changes to the IP routes and the dial-peer session.

After you issue the shut and no shut commands, you need to reload the Cisco Unity Express. Which command should you use?


A.      service-module service-Engine x/x reload

B.      service-module ip default-gateway

C.      service-module ip reload

D.      service-module service-Engine reload x/x

E.       reload service-module service-Engine x/x

F.       reload service-module ip default-gateway


Answer: A




You are configuring Cisco Unity Connection Auto-Attendant. You need to provide the name of the .wav file that should be played after the welcome message if a caller calls after the business hours. Which field should you configure in the Auto-Attendant script?


A.      businessSchedule

B.      busClosedPrompt

C.      busOpenPrompt

D.      allowExternalTransfers

E.       disconnectAfterMenu

F.       holidayPrompt


Answer: B




What is the maximum number of custom auto-attendant applications that you can set up in Cisco

Unity Express?


A.      1

B.      2

C.      3

D.      4

E.       5

F.       6


Answer: E




You have just installed Cisco Unity Express. Now you want to configure history depth and set it to its maximum value. Which value should you define as the maximum value?


A.      5

B.      10

C.      15

D.      20

E.       50

F.       75


Answer: B




What is the default number of maximum login attempts defined in the security password lockout policy in Cisco Unity Express?


A.      3

B.      5

C.      8

D.      10

E.       24

F.       30


Answer: E




What is the default recovery time period in minutes for calls dropped during message playback?


A.      1

B.      2

C.      3

D.      5

E.       10

F.       12


Answer: D




What is the maximum number of allowable attempts that you can assign in the account lockout policy in Cisco Unity Express?


A.      10

B.      20

C.      50

D.      100

E.       200

F.       500


Answer: E




You have configured Voice Profile for Internet Mail Networking in Cisco Unity Express. The Voice Connector receives a message that cannot be delivered. The message does not contain the sender information. In this situation, in which folder does Voice Connector save the message?


A.      Inbox

B.      Deleted Items

C.      Archive

D.      Junk

E.       Spam

F.       Sent


Answer: C




You have configured a Cisco Unity Express server that uses the G.711 codec. You want to send outbound messages in a format that uses lower bandwidth. However, you want to keep the quality of the incoming message high. Which two tasks should you perform? (Choose two.)


A.      Convert the incoming messages to G.729a.

B.      Keep the incoming messages as G.711.

C.      Convert the outgoing message to 64 kb/s using G.729a.

D.      Convert the outgoing messages to G.726.

E.       Send the outgoing messages in the G.711 format.

F.       Store the message using the original codec, but convert it to 64 kb/s for outgoing.


Answer: B,D


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