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When configuring a new Cisco Unified Personal Communicator device, which device type should be configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager when using Cisco Unified Personal Communicator 8.X?


A.      Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

B.      Cisco IP SoftPhone

C.      Cisco IP Communicator

D.      Cisco Unified Client Services Framework

E.       It depends on the IP phone that is associated to the Cisco IP SoftPhone


Answer: D




Which methods can be used to change the name of a file that contains a new set of auto-attendant prompts?


A.      AvT, CLI, and GUI

B.      AvTandTUI

C.      CLI, GUI, and TUI

D.      CLI and GUI


Answer: D




Which of the following services must be restarted in Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability once you configure the SMTP server?


A.      Connection Conversation Manager

B.      Connection Mixer

C.      Connection SNMP Agent

D.      Connection Administration

E.       No services need to be restarted


Answer: A




How does a notification profile use cascading settings?


A.      Cascading settings send incremental messages to each member of the group in a sequential manner as soon as the initial message is received.

B.      Cascading settings send a new message to a separate notification group upon receiving a new message.

C.      Cascading settings allow a single message to be sent to all the members of a notification profile and any additional cascaded notification groups simultaneously.

D.      Cascading settings allow additional message notifications to be sent, after a configured time delay, to a widening circle of recipients.


Answer: D




When manually configuring users in Cisco Unity Connection, what is the most efficient way of adding the user to the system?


A.      COBRAS

B.      Cisco Unity user templates

C.      Microsoft Active Directory

D.      Cisco Unity Migration

E.       LDAP


Answer: B




In the Chat feature in Cisco Unified Presence, which protocol is used for communication between clients?


A.      XMPP

B.      XCP

C.      IRC

D.      XCPP

E.       XMMP


Answer: A




In order for Cisco Unified Presence to show the presence status of an IP phone, which two configuration steps must be completed in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server? (Choose two.)


A.      Check the Allow Presence Status check box.

B.      Associate the end device with the user.

C.      Allow the SIP publish trunk to forward presence status messages.

D.      Associate the directory number with the user.

E.       Enable Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Status flag


Answer: B,D




Which tool is helpful in obtaining Cisco Unified Personal Communicator log files that can be sent to Cisco TAC for troubleshooting assistance?


A.      Cisco Unified RTMT

B.      Cisco Unified Presence System Troubleshooter

C.      Cisco Unified Presence Viewer

D.      Problem Reporting Tool

E.       Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Viewer


Answer: D




Refer to the exhibit.

clip_image002Which of the following VPIM configurations should be performed on Cisco Unity Connection for VPIM interworking between the two voice-mail systems?


A.      VPIM Location for Dial ID 101

B.      VPIM Location for Dial ID 102

C.      VPIM Location for both Dial ID 101 and 102

D.      None, if you enable blind addressing on Cisco Unity Connection.


Answer: A




What are two ways that a Cisco Unity Connection system can dispose of transferred calls? (Choose two.)


A.      supervised transfer

B.      directed transfer

C.      unsupervised transfer

D.      release the call

E.       release to switch

F.       release to VPIM


Answer: A,E


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