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Refer to the exhibit.

clip_image002When the Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unity Express systems are networked together using VPIM, which of the following statements is true?


A.      The message exchange between the two systems will fail due to a conflict between the location ID and extension.

B.      The message exchange between the two systems will succeed because the combination of location IDs and extensions is unique.

C.      The message exchange between the two systems will fail because the location IDs should be using names instead of digits.

D.      The message exchange between the two systems will only succeed toward the Cisco Unity Express site.


Answer: B




A Cisco Unity Express administrator has configured three applications: voice mail and two auto-attendants. Cisco Unity Express supports a maximum of eight ports. The voice-mail application is configured for three maxsessions. The two auto-attendants are configured for four maxsessions each. What will be the result if three voice-mail sessions are in use and three callers dial into both auto-attendants?


A.      All the sessions will be permitted because 10% more ports are supported per Cisco Unity Express license.

B.      It will depend on which caller tries to reach the auto-attendant last. That call will not go through.

C.      The Cisco Unity Express auto-attendant will place the call on hold for up to 30 seconds to wait for a port to open up. If a port does not open up, the call is dropped.

D.      An application can borrow a single port from another application if one is available to handle a peak call load. If there are no ports available, the call is dropped.


Answer: B




While attempting to enable the SIP publish trunk in Cisco Unified Presence, it is observed that there is no trunk that is displayed in the drop-down list. Which previous configuration step should be verified?


A.      Verify that the trunk has the correct IP address.

B.      Verify that the trunk has been enabled for SIP Notify.

C.      Verify that the Cisco Messaging Interface service has been started.

D.      Verify that the trunk was selected in the Cisco CallManager service parameters.

E.       Verify that the CUCM service was restarted after configuration.


Answer: D




An IP phone user reports that they are unable to set the Call Forward All feature on their phone. The user reports that they press the CfwdAII softkey and enter the desired telephone number, but the phone does not accept it. What could be causing this issue?


A.      The user is entering too many digits for the destination number.

B.      Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not control Call Forward.

C.      The Call Forward All service parameter is not enabled.

D.      The Call Forward All option of the IP phone does not have a CSS defined.

E.       The Call Forward All enterprise parameter is not enabled.


Answer: D




Refer to the exhibit.


An IP phone user cannot log in to their Cisco Unity Connection voice mailbox with their PIN. Which command will most likely resolve the issue?


A.      dtmf-relay rtp-nte

B.      mgcp dtmf-relay CODEC all mode out-of-band

C.      dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

D.      dtmf-relay sip-notify


Answer: A




Which four of the following will allow a Cisco Unity Express system administrator to add new mailboxes to the system? (Choose four.)


A.      Choose Voice Mail > Mailboxes to add new mailboxes.

B.      Choose User Defaults > Create Mailbox.

C.      Choose Configure > Users and check the Create Mailbox check box.

D.      Choose Configure > Groups. The Configure Groups window appears. Click Add. The Add a New Group window appears. Complete the information fields and check the Enable notification for this user/group checkbox.

E.       Choose Voice Mail > VM Defaults and click Add Mailboxes.

F.       Mailboxes can be created when users are imported from Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.


Answer: A,C,D,F




Refer to the exhibit.

clip_image006The trace shows an inbound VPIM message to Cisco Unity Connection, which has been networked with Cisco Unity Express. What is the location ID for Cisco Unity Express?


A.      UC801

B.      801

C.      Location ID is not transmitted in VPIM.

D.      4001


Answer: C




Which troubleshooting tool is used to check and verify the individual modules in the Cisco Unified Presence server?


A.      Cisco Unified Real Time Monitoring Tool

B.      Cisco Unified Presence System Troubleshooter

C.      Cisco Unified Presence Monitoring Tool

D.      Cisco Unified Presence Viewer


Answer: B




In Cisco Unity Connection, to which three objects can a search space or scope be assigned? (Choose three.)


A.      Gateway

B.      MWI Number

C.      VPIM Location

D.      Trunk

E.       Call Handlers

F.       Directory number

G.      Routing Rules


Answer: C,E,G




Which of the following statements is true about blind addressing in Cisco Unity Connection?


A.      Blind addressing is used when the voice-mail user at the remote system is unavailable.

B.      Spell-by-name is not available when blind addressing is used, because the destination user is unknown to the system.

C.      When blind addressing is used, the validity of the destination user is known to the originating voice-mail system before sending the message

D.      Blind addressing is only used when networking with Cisco Unity Express systems.


Answer: B


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