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By default, what are two options that are presented to callers for forwarded calls into a Cisco Unity Connection system? (Choose two.)


A.      Log in to their mailbox.

B.      Listen to the opening greeting.

C.      Leave a message if forwarder has a mailbox.

D.      Enter user ID and PIN.

E.       Log in to remote mailbox.


Answer: B,C




What should be done after the initial configuration of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unified Presence integration?


A.      Restart the Cisco SIP Proxy Server.

B.      Restart the Application Listener.

C.      Restart the Cisco Unified Presence Service.

D.      Restart the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Services.

E.       No action is required.


Answer: C




From which call handler are callers transferred to the operator call handler without any caller



A.      after-hours greeting

B.      alternate greeting

C.      standard greeting

D.      opening greeting

E.       directory greeting


Answer: D




When integrating Cisco Unified Presence with Microsoft Exchange, which interface is used for communication between the Cisco Unified Presence server and the Microsoft Exchange server?


A.      OWAWebDAV

B.      XMPP

C.      XML over HTTP

D.      XCPOWA

E.       XCPWebDAV


Answer: A




When using IMAP to access voice-mail messages from Cisco Unity Express, which two of the following describe how messages are downloaded and what type of messages can be viewed? (Choose two.)


A.      Messages are downloaded as email messages.

B.      All voice-mail messages must be downloaded if Cisco Unity Express is being accessed from an IMAP client.

C.      Voice-mail messages are downloaded as email attachments.

D.      Subscribers can retrieve all types of voice-mail messages except private and broadcast messages.

E.       Voice-mail messages are downloaded using the Cisco Unity Express IMAP client plug-in.


Answer: C,D




Refer to the exhibit.


When configuring the default user settings, which section is used to configure the password guidelines that are used by the system for each user?


A.      Roles

B.      Authentication Rules

C.      Restriction Tables

D.      Service Parameters

E.       Enterprise Parameters


Answer: B




An external caller calls into the corporate directory handler extension and selects the option to dial by name. The caller enters the digits “633” for user Mike Lee. The user is located in the directory and Cisco Unity Connection attempts the transfer, but the call fails. What is the most likely cause of this issue?


A.      User Mike Lee does not exist.

B.      Incorrect or missing search space in the directory call handler

C.      The Call Transfer service parameter is not enabled.

D.      User Mike Lee is not listed in the directory.

E.       Voice ports are out of service


Answer: B




You need to configure a Cisco Unity Express module to support multiple auto-attendants. How many simultaneous auto-attendants are supported and how many scripts can be stored on the Cisco Unity Express module?


A.      One default and up to 8 custom auto-attendant scripts are supported, and a total of 16 scripts are stored.

B.      Eight custom auto-attendant scripts are supported and a total of 9 scripts are stored.

C.      One default and up to 16 custom auto-attendant scripts are supported, and a total of 17 scripts are stored.

D.      One default and up to 8 custom auto-attendant scripts are supported, and a total of 9 scripts are stored.


Answer: A




Refer to the exhibit.


When the User Defaults parameters are used, at what point can the system administrator change these settings for specific end users?


A.      when the system administrator adds the end user to a specific user group

B.      when the system administrator creates a new end user

C.      when the system administrator edits the existing end-user privileges

D.      when the system administrator edits the AAA “Authentication” settings for a specific end user


Answer: B




Refer to the exhibit.


When users press the “messages” button on their IP phones to check voice mail, they are hearing a busy signal. What is causing the issue?


A.      The Directory Number field is misconfigured.

B.      The Port Name field is misconfigured.

C.      The Device Name Prefix field is misconfigured.

D.      The Calling Search Space field is misconfigured.

E.       The Partition field is misconfigured.


Answer: C



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