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Refer to the exhibit.


In order for the Instant Messaging feature in Cisco Unified Presence to function, which service is specific to the feature and required to be activated?


A.      Cisco UP Sync Agent

B.      Cisco UP XCP Message Archiver

C.      Cisco UP XCP Authentication Service

D.      Cisco UP XCP XMPP Federation Connection Manager

E.       Cisco UP XCP Text Conference Manager

F.       Cisco UP XCP Web Connection Manager


Answer: E




Which two of the following are Cisco Unity Connection components that, when changed, will not affect the settings of existing users? (Choose two.)


A.      Contact Templates

B.      Users Templates

C.      Enterprise Parameters

D.      Service Parameters

E.       Call Handlers


Answer: A,B




An administrator does not want all of the IP phones in the network to have access to the Cisco IP Phone Messenger service. Which two steps should be taken to prevent the phones from subscribing to that service? (Choose two.)


A.      Create an IP phone ACL.

B.      Enable the Enterprise Subscription option on the service.

C.      Disable the Enterprise Subscription option on the service.

D.      Put the service in a separate partition.

E.       Manually subscribe the desired phones to the service.


Answer: C,E




Which of the following applications collects, distributes, and aggregates user attributes and capabilities?


A.      Cisco Unity Connection

B.      Cisco Unified Presence

C.      Cisco Unified Communications Manager

D.      Cisco Unified Personal Communicator


Answer: B




Refer to the exhibit.


An administrator configured VPIM networking between a Cisco Unity Connection (HQ CUC) and Cisco Unity Express (Branch CUE). Which of the following statements is true?


A.      The VPIM configuration is correct.

B.      The VPIM configuration is incorrect. The VPIM Location for Dial ID 101 is not needed.

C.      The VPIM configuration is incorrect. The VPIM Location for Dial ID 102 is not needed.

D.      The VPIM configuration is incorrect. The VPIM Location for Dial ID 101 is not needed. Only the Local Location ID 101 is needed.

E.       The VPIM configuration is incorrect. The VPIM Location for Dial ID 102 is not needed. Only the Local Location ID 102 is needed.


Answer: A




Refer to the exhibit.


Which five of the following commands will integrate a Cisco Unity Express module with a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express router. (Choose five.)


A.      ip route interface Service-Engine 1/0

B.      service-module ip address

C.      ip unnumbered Loopback0

D.      service-module ip address

E.       service-module ip default-gateway

F.       ip unnumbered vlan130

G.      service-module ip default-gateway

H.      interface Integrated-Service-Engine1/0


Answer: A,C,D,E,H




What is the system default language that is used by Cisco Unity Connection after the initial installation?


A.      English (United Kingdom)

B.      English (United States)

C.      The default language is not set at installation and must be set after installation.

D.      The default language is dependent on the license and the language files that are selected during installation

E.       The default language is defined at installation and unchangeable after the initial installation.


Answer: D




Which six of the following commands are necessary to configure two ephone-dns that will provide MWI on and off functions for Cisco Unity Express? Extension 2598 turns off MWI, extension 2599 turns on MWI, and extensions use four digits. (Choose six.)


A.      extension 2598….

B.      ephone-dn 10

C.      number 2598….

D.      mwi enable

E.       number 2599….

F.       mwi on

G.      extension 2599….

H.      ephone-dn 11

I.        mwi disable

J.        mwi off


Answer: B,C,E,F,H,J 




When using Cisco Unity Connection, which call handler type offers different call actions based on the digits that are selected?


A.      digit analysis

B.      system

C.      directory

D.      interview

E.       call management


Answer: B









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