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After the Cisco Unified Presence server is defined in Cisco Unified Communications Manager, what is the next logical step in the configuration of Cisco Unified Communications Manager?


A.      assign capabilities to end users

B.      AXL configurations

C.      define the CUCM publisher

D.      Activate CUP services

E.       define CUCM SIP publish trunk


Answer: A




Which call handler can be configured to ask callers quesions and, once the answers are recorded, sends them to a configured recipient?


A. after-hours greeting

B. alternate greeting

C. standard greeting

D. interview

E. directory


Answer: D




In Cisco Unity Connection, to which three objects can a partition be assigned ? (Choose Three)


A.      Users

B.      Distribution List

C.      Route Patterns

D.      Directory Numbers

E.       VPIM Location

F.       Hunt Pilot

G.      Translation Pattern


Answer: A,B,E




Which three of the following Options should always be selected when configuring a SIP trunk for Cisco Unity Connection integration to Cisco Unified Communication Manager?


A.      Accept Unisolicited Notification

B.      Enable Digest Authentication

C.      Accept Out-of-Dialog REFER

D.      Enable Application Level Authentication

E.       Accept Replaces Header

F.       Accept Presence Subscription

G.      X.509Subject Name


Answer: A,C,E




After the initial Cisco Unity Connection installation, how and where can the time zone be changed?


A.      The Cisco Unity Connection time zone can be changed from the Cisco Unified Operating System Administration GUI.

B.      The Cisco Unity Connection time zone can be changed from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager GUI.

C.      The Cisco Unity Connection time zone can be changed from the Cisco Unified Operating System CLI.

D.      The Cisco Unity Connection time zone can be changed from the Cisco Unity Connection CLI.

E.       The Cisco Unity Connection time zone cannot be changed after the initial installation. A reinstallation is required.


Answer: D




In which two scenarios would a caller who is calling into the Cisco Unity Connection general pilot number hear the opening greeting of the voice-mail system and be prompted for a user ID and PIN? (Choose two.)


A.      non-subscriber

B.      subscriber who sends the calling number

C.      subscriber who does not send the calling number

D.      A SIP phone user will always be prompted for a user ID and PIN.

E.       An SCCP phone user will always be prompted for a user ID and PIN.

F.       The scenario is invalid.


Answer: A,C




When troubleshooting an MWI issue in Cisco Unity Connection, which task should you perform in the phone system component at the beginning of troubleshooting?


A.      Ensure that MWI is enabled for the user.

B.      Ensure that the user has the correct phone system assigned.

C.      Run the Check Telephony Integration test.

D.      Ensure that the ports are configured for MWI only.

E.       Ensure that the pilot number matches the Cisco Unified Communications Manager configured pilot number.


Answer: C




Which three email clients are able to access voice mail through the integration of the Cisco Unity Express infrastructure and IMAP? (Choose three.)


A.      SunOne

B.      Microsoft Outlook

C.      Cisco Unified Presence

D.      Microsoft Outlook Express

E.       Lotus Notes

F.       Microsoft OCS


Answer: B,D,E




Which six of the following commands are required to configure a dial peer that will allow voice-mail messages to be left on Cisco Unity Express for Unified Communications Manager Express users? The Cisco Unity Express module uses a pilot number of 4100. (Choose six.)


A.      destination-pattern 4100

B.      no vad

C.      session target ipv4:

D.      codec transparent

E.       dial-peer voice 4100 pots

F.       codec g711ulaw

G.      session target ipv4:

H.      dial-peer voice 4100 voip

I.        dtmf-relay sip-notify

J.        dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric


Answer: A,B,C,F,H,I




For Cisco Unity Express to send message notifications to external telephony devices, what must be configured?


A.      Cisco Unity Express must be integrated with an external IMAP client.

B.      The integrated Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express voice-mail solution must be configured for PSTN access.

C.      Each individual or group must have the notification profile set to forward urgent messages.

D.      The default profile name vm-notif-profile needs to be changed to reflect the name of the new notification profile.


Answer: B



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