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When making changes to the Cisco Unified Presence proxy domain settings, which step must be taken after the configuration changes are made?


A.      Manually restart the Cisco SIP Proxy Server.

B.      Manually restart the Application Listener.

C.      Manually restart the Cisco Unified Presence Service.

D.      Manually restart the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Services.

E.       No action is required.


Answer: E




When you integrate Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unity Connection, which three important parameters must you configure in Unified Communications Manager? (Choose three.)


A.      route list

B.      Session Initiation Protocol trunk security profile

C.      Session Initiation Protocol route pattern

D.      route pattern

E.       SIP trunk

F.       device profile


Answer: B,D,E




You are required to configure User Templates in Cisco Unity Connection. Which two parameters are mandatory to complete this configuration? (Choose two.)


A.      partition

B.      search scope

C.      alias

D.      class of service

E.       display name

F.       active schedule


Answer: C,E




In Cisco Unity Connection, which two options are predefined rules of forwarded call routing? (Choose two.)


A.      attempt forward

B.      attempt sign in

C.      attempt sign out

D.      speech connect

E.       publisher reverse trap

F.       opening greeting


Answer: A,F




In Cisco Unity Connection, which two methods can you use to segregate the global dial and message addressing space? (Choose two.)


A.      SIP trunk

B.      search spaces

C.      route patterns

D.      translation patterns

E.       partitions

F.       hunt pilot


Answer: B,E




You are integrating a Cisco Unity Connection server with a Cisco Unified Communications Manager phone system. You want to create multiple users with voice-mail accounts automatically from existing Unified Communications Manager users. Which Cisco Unity Connection menu feature should you use?


A.      Import Users feature

B.      Consolidated Object Backup and Restore Application Suite feature

C.      Cisco Voice Technology Group Subscription feature

D.      Bulk Administration tool feature

E.       Synch Users feature

F.       Task Management feature


Answer: A




As a voice administrator, you have deployed Cisco Unity Connection for voice-mail service. You need to implement dial plan flexibility for Cisco Unity Connection directory to separate addressing and dialing tasks. Which two dial plan components must you configure? (Choose two.)


A.      translation patterns

B.      partitions

C.      search spaces

D.      gatekeeper zone prefixes

E.       route patterns

F.       transformation patterns


Answer: B,C




When you deploy Cisco Unified Communications Manager, which two conditions must be met if you want to use Cisco Unity Express as a distributed voice-mail solution? (Choose two.)


A.      Voice mail must be accessible even in case of WAN failure.

B.      Cisco Unity Express is operated with Cisco Unified Communication Manager Express because they are interoperable.

C.      Bandwidth is available to enable voice mail to traverse the WAN by contacting a central voice-mail server.

D.      There are no limitations on geographic coverage.

E.       Cisco Unity Express must use Skinny Call Control Protocol (SCCP) to communicate with Cisco Unified Communication Manager Express.

F.       Automated attendant must be accessible irrespective of WAN availability.


Answer: A,F




Which internal tool does Lightweight Directory Access Protocol synchronization use to synchronize Cisco Unity Connection user data?


A.      custom keypad mapping

B.      third-party tools

C.      DirSync

D.      import

E.       bulk edit

F.       Consolidated Object Backup and Restore Application Suite


Answer: C




In standalone Cisco Unity Connection configurations, which tool should you use to manually refresh the information imported from Cisco Unified Communications Manager?


A.      Bulk Administration Tool

B.      Synchronize Users tool

C.      Consolidated Object Backup and Restore Application Suite

D.      Migrate Users

E.       Task Management tool

F.       Connection User Data Dump utility


Answer: B



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