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Which role in Cisco Unity Connection allows a user to manage only the directory handlers and interview handlers?


A.      Greeting Administrator

B.      Help Desk Administrator

C.      User Administrator

D.      System Administrator

E.       Audio Text Administrator

F.       Audit Administrator


Answer: E




When Cisco Unity Express is integrated with Cisco CallManager, which protocol handles Message Waiting Indication?


A.      Session Initiation Protocol

B.      Voice Profile for Internet Mail

C.      Java Telephony Application Programming Interface

D.      Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

E.       VoIP

F.       Internet Message Access Protocol


Answer: C




Which codec is supported in Cisco Unity Express?


A.      G.711

B.      G.721

C.      G.729

D.      Q.850

E.       Q.931

F.       Q.2931


Answer: A




Which tool do you use to backup the entire Cisco Unity database and restore it as a whole to a new server?


A.      Backup and Restore Utility

B.      Consolidated Object Backup and Restore Application Suite briefcase mode

C.      COBRAS hot mode

D.      Cisco Unity Disaster Recovery Tools

E.       Cisco Config File Manager

F.       Cisco Automated Backup


Answer: D




You are an administrator managing Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express..

A user returns from vacation and reports that he has tried many times to enter his PIN in his Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phone, but he could not login successfully. You have reset the PIN for him, but he still is unable to log in. If the password lockout policy is enabled, which solution will help you fix the problem?


A.      Set the Pulse Code Dialing to transmit.

B.      Delete and add the SIP phone again that was configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.

C.      Unlock the password lockout.

D.      Reset with another PIN.

E.       Delete the user account and recreate it.

F.       Recreate the user account and add to the appropriate user group.


Answer: C




Which three built-in auto-attendant features accompany Cisco Unity Express? (Choose three.)


A.      dial-by-name

B.      single-digit dialing for up to nine users or groups

C.      dial-by-extension

D.      multilevel auto-attendant flows providing dual tone multifrequency – based menus

E.       return-to-operator

F.       three or more voice-mail greetings per user


Answer: A,C,E




You need to configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express with a dial peer that points to the Cisco Unity Express IP address. Which three conditions must be fulfilled? (Choose three.)


A.      Session Initiation Protocol version 1 must be used.

B.      Session Initiation Protocol version 2 must be used.

C.      Voice on demand must be enabled.

D.      The dual tone multifrequency relay option must be set to match Cisco Unity Express.

E.       G.911 codec must be used.

F.       Voice activity detection must be disabled.


Answer: B,D,F




You are importing Cisco Unified Communications Manager users in Cisco Unity Express. After you commit the information for importing users, an error appears..

Which option could be the probable cause for this error?


A.      A user ID contains spaces.

B.      A user ID does not have a primary extension.

C.      A user ID has the dial-by-name feature activated.

D.      Only selected users are being imported.

E.       A user ID has administrative privileges.

F.       A user ID does not have an associated voice-mail box.


Answer: A




Which two parameters are required when you configure the Voice Profile for Internet Mail location on Cisco Unity Express? (Choose two.)


A.      domain name or IP address

B.      destination type

C.      display name

D.      location ID

E.       dial ID

F.       Simple Mail Transfer Protocol domain name


Answer: A,D




Which parameter is used to accommodate the local dial plan in Cisco Unity Connection when the Voice Profile for Internet Mail location is configured?


A.      Remote Phone Prefix

B.      Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Domain Name

C.      IP Address

D.      Display Name

E.       Dial ID

F.       Route Patterns


Answer: A


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