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Which additional capability was added in IGMPv3?


A.      leave group messages support

B.      source filtering support

C.      group-specific host membership queries support

D.      IPv6 support

E.       authentication support between the multicast receivers and the last hop router


Correct Answer: B




Beacons, probe request, and association request frames are associated with which category?


A.      management

B.      control

C.      data

D.      request


Correct Answer: A




Which feature can be implemented to avoid any MPLS packet loss?


A.      IP TTL propagation

B.      LDP IGP sync

C.      label advertisement sync

D.      conditional label advertisement

E.       PHP


Correct Answer: B




Which four types of VPN natively provide encryption of user traffic? (Choose four.)


A.      MPLS

B.      IPsec

C.      L2TPv3

D.      SSL

E.       VPLS

F.       AToM

G.      GETVPN

H.      Microsoft PPTP


Correct Answer: BDGH




Which three options are components of Mobile IPv6? (Choose three.)


A.      home agent

B.      correspondent node

C.      mobile node

D.      binding node

E.       discovery probe


Correct Answer: ABC




What are two uses of an RSA algorithm? (Choose two.)


A.      data encryption

B.      digital signature verification

C.      shared key generation

D.      message hashing


Correct Answer: AB




What is needed to verify a digital signature that was created using an RSA algorithm?


A.      public key

B.      private key

C.      both public and private key

D.      trusted third-party certificate


Correct Answer: A




Which algorithm is used to generate the IKEv2 session key?


A.      Diffie-Hellman

B.      Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman

C.      Secure Hash Algorithm

D.      Rivest Cipher 4


Correct Answer: A




Which statement is true about IKEv2 and IKEv1?


A.      IKEv2 can be configured to use EAP, but IKEv1 cannot.

B.      IKEv2 can be configured to use AES encryption, but IKEv1 cannot.

C.      IKEv2 can be configured to interoperate with IKEv1 on the other end.

D.      IKEv2 consumes more bandwidth than IKEv1.


Correct Answer: A




Which statement is true about IKEv2 preshared key authentication between two peers?


A.      IKEv2 allows usage of different preshared keys for local and remote authentication.

B.      IKEv2 allows usage of only one preshared key.

C.      IKEv2 allows usage of only one preshared key and only in hub-and-spoke topology.

D.      IKEv2 does not allow usage of preshared key authentication.


Correct Answer: A


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