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How does 3DES use the DES algorithm to encrypt a message?


A.      Encrypts a message with K1, decrypts the output with K2, then encrypts it with K3.

B.      Encrypts a message with K1, encrypts the output with K2, then encrypts it with K3.

C.      Encrypts K1 using K2, then encrypts it using K3, then encrypts a message using the


D.      Encrypts a message with K1, encrypts the output with the K2, then decrypts it with K3.


Correct Answer: A




Which protocol is superseded by AES?


A.      DES

B.      RSA

C.      RC4

D.      MD5


Correct Answer: A




What is the purpose of the SPI field in an IPsec packet?


A.      identifies a transmission channel

B.      provides anti-replay protection

C.      ensures data integrity

D.      contains a shared session key


Correct Answer: A




Which IPsec protocol provides data integrity but no data encryption?


A.      AH

B.      ESP

C.      SPI

D.      DH


Correct Answer: A




What entities decrypt a transmission sent by a GDOI group member?


A.      all group members

B.      the key server only

C.      the peer that is indicated by the key server

D.      the key server and the peer that is indicated by the key server


Correct Answer: A




What transport protocol and port are used by GDOI for its IKE sessions that are established between the group members and the key server?


A.      UDP port 848

B.      TCP port 848

C.      ESP port 51

D.      SSL port 443

E.       UDP port 4500


Correct Answer: A




What is the advantage of using the ESP protocol over the AH?


A.      data confidentiality

B.      data integrity verification

C.      nonrepudiation

D.      anti-replay protection


Correct Answer: A




What applications take advantage of a DTLS protocol?


A.      delay-sensitive applications, such as voice or video

B.      applications that require double encryption

C.      point-to-multipoint topology applications

D.      applications that are unable to use TLS


Correct Answer: A




What mechanism does SSL use to provide confidentiality of user data?


A.      symmetric encryption

B.      asymmetric encryption

C.      RSA public-key encryption

D.      Diffie-Hellman exchange


Correct Answer: A




What action does a RADIUS server take when it cannot authenticate the credentials of a user?


A.      An Access-Reject message is sent.

B.      An Access-Challenge message is sent, and the user is prompted to re-enter credentials.

C.      A Reject message is sent.

D.      A RADIUS start-stop message is sent via the accounting service to disconnect the session.


Correct Answer: A


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