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The network administrator has used VLANs to separate VoIP frames from data frames in the

wired network. What must the administrator use to separate those frames in the wireless



A.      multiple SSIDs

B.      multiple authentications

C.      multiple WEP or WPA keys

D.      multiple channels

E.       multiple 802.11 radios (a, b, g, n)


Correct Answer: A




What is the IEEE name for a group of access points that are connected by using the Ethernet?


A.      ESS

B.      BSS

C.      IBSS

D.      ISS


Correct Answer: A




Refer to the exhibit. At which point in the network topology must the trunk be configured to support multiple SSIDs for voice and data separation?



A.      A

B.      B

C.      C

D.      D


Correct Answer: D




Which type of frames are ACK and CF-ACK?


A.      control

B.      management

C.      RTS/CTS

D.      association


Correct Answer: A




The network administrator wants an access point to be able to find rogue APs and to support

location-based services. Which AP mode meets this requirement while having the radios up and

preventing client connections?


A.      monitor

B.      sniffer

C.      rogue-detection

D.      H-REAP


Correct Answer: A




What are the interface statuses of a lightweight AP working in rogue-detection mode?


A.      radios turned off, Ethernet interface up

B.      radios and Ethernet interfaces up

C.      radios turned on, Ethernet interface shut down

D.      radios turned on, Ethernet interface status controlled by Cisco WLC


Correct Answer: A




Which Cisco AnyConnect module allows you to set the parameters that are needed to connect to

the wireless network?


A.      NAM

B.      DART

C.      posture

D.      telemetry


Correct Answer: A




What is the function of the Cisco AnyConnect DART tool?


A.      creates a compressed bundle of client logs and information

B.      visualizes a WLAN environment, showing the possible locations of problems

C.      gathers statistics from neighboring clients for comparison to the baseline

D.      helps to troubleshoot a WLAN connection by using easy-to-use wizards and statistic viewers


Correct Answer: A




Which Cisco program for WLAN client vendors helps to ensure that their devices are

interoperable with Cisco WLAN infrastructure?


A.      CCX

B.      CCMP

C.      ASDM

D.      WLSE


Correct Answer: A




Which information on the Monitoring page of a Cisco WLC verifies that the wireless network is



A.      In the Access Point Summary section, the All APs number in the Up column is the same as in

the Total column.

B.      In the Client Summary section, the Current Clients number is positive.

C.      In the Controller Summary section, the 802.11b/g Network State is shown as Enabled.

D.      In the Controller Summary section, the CPU Usage number is positive.


Correct Answer: A


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