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Which option is an example of a link-state routing protocol?


A.      EIGRP

B.      RIP

C.      OSPF

D.      ARP


Correct Answer: C




What is the maximum allowable hop count for RIPv1?


A.      4

B.      8

C.      12

D.      15

E.       16


Correct Answer: D




What is the default periodic interval at which RIPv1 sends routing updates?


A.      15 seconds

B.      30 seconds

C.      45 seconds

D.      60 seconds

E.       90 seconds

F.       RIPv1 only sends routing updates when the topology changes.


Correct Answer: B




What does RIPv1 send to its neighbors?


A.      information about changed routes

B.      information about new routes

C.      the entire routing table

D.      information about deleted routes


Correct Answer: C




What are two advantages of employing an external router for inter-VLAN routing over an IEEE

802.1Q trunk link? (Choose two.)


A.      Layer 3 functionality is not required on the switch.

B.      The router facilitates communication between VLANs.

C.      The single traffic path is optimized.

D.      Latency is reduced as packets leave the switch.

E.       Equal-Cost Multipath is supported.


Correct Answer: AB




Which statement correctly describes an SVI?


A.      An SVI is a Layer 2 interface and uses a dynamic MAC address.

B.      An SVI cannot have an IP address assigned to it.

C.      An SVI provides Layer 3 routing between VLANs.

D.      Each switch port requires an SVI assignment.


Correct Answer: C




What is the Cisco Nexus Operating System command to define a port as a Layer 3 port?


A.      port routed

B.      no switchport

C.      l3 switchport

D.      port switching off


Correct Answer: B




Which statement is correct regarding a routed port on a multilayer switch?


A.      A routed port requires an SVI definition.

B.      Routed ports cannot be configured on a multilayer switch that uses SVIs.

C.      A maximum of 32 routed ports can be provisioned on a given multilayer switch.

D.      A routed port is a physical port that supports Layer 3 routing.


Correct Answer: D




On a new Cisco Nexus switch, you receive an error message when you attempt to create an SVI.

What is the first command you must use to create the SVI?


A.      interface vlan (vlan_id)

B.      vlan (vlan_id)

C.      feature svi

D.      interface routed


Correct Answer: C




Which command should you use to configure a Cisco Nexus switch port for Layer 2 operation?


A.      nexus(config-if)#switchport

B.      nexus(config-if)#layer-2

C.      nexus(config-if)#routed

D.      nexus(config)#interface vlan 10



Correct Answer: A


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