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Which three statements best describe multicast operation on Cisco Nexus switches in a data center? (Choose three.)


A.      Cisco NX-OS Software does not support PIM dense mode.

B.      The command ip multicast-routing must be enabled in Cisco NX-OS Software before any multicast configuration is possible on the switch.

C.      PIM CLI configuration and verification commands are not available until you enable the PIM feature with the feature pim command.

D.      Cisco NX-OS Software supports multicast routing per Layer 3 VRF instance.

E.       The default PIM operational mode on the Cisco Nexus 7000 switch is SSM.


Correct Answer: ACD




On a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch, what is the purpose of this command?


switch# config terminal

switch(config)# mac address-table learning-mode conversational vlan 1-10



A.      Enable conversational learning on FabricPath vlans 1-10 for F-Series module

B.      Enable FabricPath protocol on VLANs 1–10

C.      No need for this command as conversational learning is enabled by default for all VLANs.

D.      Enable conversational learning on Classical Ethernet VLAN for F-Series module


Correct Answer: D




Where is a typical request in the Cisco UCS XML API placed in the data management engine, and, after the request is confirmed, what is updated?


A.      The request is placed in the transactor queue in FIFO order and the management information tree is updated.

B.      The request is placed in the replicator and persistifier and the store is updated.

C.      The request is placed in the data management engine and the application gateway is updated.

D.      The request is placed in the buffer queue and the commit buffer queue is updated.


Correct Answer: A




In the Cisco FabricPath domain, one switch becomes the root for the multidestination tree. Cisco FabricPath switches compare which three parameters to select the root? (Choose three.)


A.      Root priority

B.      System ID

C.      Bridge ID

D.      Switch ID

E.       Port ID

F.       Subswitch ID


Correct Answer: ABD




By default, what type of SSH server key is generated by Cisco NX-OS Software?


A.      DSA key generated with 512 bits

B.      RSA key generated with 768 bits

C.      RSA key generated with 1024 bits

D.      DSA key generated with 1024 bits

E.       RSA key generated with 2048 bits


Correct Answer: C




Refer to the exhibit. Which statements are true about the subswitch ID that is filled in the header? (Choose three.)




A.      FabricPath switches running vPC use this field to identify the specific virtual switch.

B.      FabricPath switches running vPC+ use this field to identify the specific vPC+ PortChannel on which traffic is to be forwarded.

C.      The subswitch ID field is locally significant to each vPC+ switch pair.

D.      The subswitch ID field must be unique within the FabricPath domain.

E.       In the absence of vPC+, this field is set to 0.


Correct Answer: BCE




In a Cisco Nexus 7000 platform configured with GLBP, which GLBP timer can be tuned to prevent unnecessary GLBP state changes during a switchover or ISSU?


A.      GLBP redirect timer

B.      GLBP forwarder pre-empt delay minimum timer

C.      GLBP hold timer

D.      GLBP pre-empt delay minimum timer

E.       GLBP extended hold timer

F.       GLBP nonstop forwarding timer


Correct Answer: E




SNMPv3 authorizes management operations only by configured users and encrypts SNMP messages. Which authentication protocols does Cisco NX-OS Software use for SNMPv3? (Choose two.)


A.      NMAC-SHA-96 authentication protocol

B.      HMAC-MD5-96 authentication protocol

C.      Community String Match protocol

D.      NMAC-MD5-96 authentication protocol

E.       HMAC-SHA-96 authentication protocol


Correct Answer: BE




Refer to the exhibit. vPC+ is configured between which switches?




A.      Switch-ID 13 and Switch-ID 23

B.      Switch-ID 11 and Switch-ID 12

C.      Switch-ID 100 only

D.      Switch-ID 13 and Switch-ID 100


Correct Answer: A




Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) provides an overlay that enables Layer 2 connectivity between separate Layer 2 domains, while keeping these domains independent and preserving the fault isolation, resiliency, and load-balancing benefits of an IP-based interconnection. Which statements are true about OTV Adjacency Server? (Choose two.)


A.      Adjacency Server is required when OTV is deployed with unicast-only transport.

B.      Adjacency Server is required when OTV is deployed with multicast-enabled transport.

C.      Each OTV device wishing to join a specific OTV logical overlay needs to first register with the Adjacency Server.

D.      Each OTV device trying to join a specific OTV logical overlay needs to be configured as an Adjacency Server.


Correct Answer: AC


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