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Which three selections represent implementations of Cisco VN-Link technology? (Choose three.)


A.      Cisco Nexus 1000V

B.      Cisco Nexus 2000 FEX

C.      Cisco VM-FEX

D.      VMware PTS

E.       vMotion


Correct Answer: ACD




Which two items are required components of VN-Link in software? (Choose two.)


A.      VDC

B.      VEM

C.      vPC

D.      VSM

E.       VRRP


Correct Answer: BD




Which two items are features that are available in VN-Link in software? (Choose two.)


A.      VM snapshot

B.      NetFlow

C.      ERSPAN

D.      high availability

E.       resource reservations


Correct Answer: BC




Which statement about enhanced zoning on Cisco Multilayer Director Switches are true?


A.      It allows partial zone set changes to be distributed without having to activate a zone set.

B.      Enhanced zoning is compatible with IVR.

C.      Zone changes can scheduled with a CRON job.

D.      More than one zone set can be active with enhanced zoning.


Correct Answer: A




Which command enables NPIV on Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches and Cisco MDS switches?


A.      switch(config)# npiv enable

B.      switch(config)# npivon

C.      switch(config)# feature npiv

D.      switch(config)# npiv proxy

E.       switch(config)# np proxy-enable


Correct Answer: C




Between which two types of ports does FIP establish Fibre Channel virtual links? (Choose two.)


A.      VE Ports and VE Ports

B.      N Ports and F Ports

C.      VN Ports and VF Ports

D.      VP Ports and VE Ports

E.       VE Ports and VF Ports

F.       E Ports and E Ports


Correct Answer: AC




Which FCoE component is responsible for the encapsulation and de-encapsulation of Fibre Channel frames in Ethernet?


A.      distributed FCF

B.      FCoE node

C.      FCoE logical endpoint

D.      Fibre Channel forwarder

E.       FCoE forwarder


Correct Answer: C




Which item represents the process that allows FCoE multihop using T11 standard FC-BB-5?


A.      distributed FCF

B.      FIP proxy

C.      N Port proxy

D.      FIP snooping


Correct Answer: D




How does an FCoE end node acquire its FCoE MAC address?


A.      server-provided MAC address

B.      Fibre Channel name server

C.      fabric-provided MAC address

D.      FIP proxy


Correct Answer: C




What mode is required on a Cisco Nexus 7000 32-port 10-GB module port group to allow equal access to the 10-GB port controller?


A.      dedicated

B.      assigned

C.      shared

D.      community


Correct Answer: C


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