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What is the default Local Management Interface frame type transmitted by a Cisco router on a Frame Relay circuit?


A.      Q933a

B.      B8ZS

C.      IETF

D.      Cisco

E.       ANSI


Correct Answers: D




Refer to the exhibit. What can be concluded from the output of the debug command?




A.      The output represents normal OSPF operation.

B.      The interfaces of two OSPF routers connected to the Border router are in the same subnet.

C.      The OSPF router connected to interface Serial0/1 has NOT formed a neighbor relationship with the Border router.

D.      A router is connected to interface Serial0/3 of the Border router. The OSPF router ID of the connected router is the IP address of the connected interface.


Correct Answers:  C




Refer to the exhibit. The network shown in the exhibit has just been installed. Host B can access the Internet, but it is unable to ping host C. What is the problem with this configuration?




A.      Host B should be in VLAN 13.

B.      The address of host C is incorrect.

C.      The gateway for host B is in a different subnet than the host is on.

D.      The switch port that sends VLAN 13 frames from the switch to the router is shut down.

E.       The switch port connected to the router is incorrectly configured as an access port.


Correct Answers: B




Refer to the exhibit. A junior network engineer has prepared the exhibited configuration file. What two statements are true of the planned configuration for interface fa0/1? (Choose two.)




A.      The two FastEthernet interfaces will require NAT configured on two outside serial interfaces.

B.      Address translation on fa0/1 is not required for DMZ Devices to access the Internet.

C.      The fa0/1 IP address overlaps with the space used by s0/0.

D.      The fa0/1 IP address is invalid for the IP subnet on which it resides.

E.       Internet hosts may not initiate connections to DMZ Devices through the configuration that is shown.


Correct Answers: BE




Refer to the exhibit. Which statement describes DLCI 17?




A.      DLCI 17 describes the ISDN circuit between R2 and R3.

B.      DLCI 17 describes a PVC on R2. It cannot be used on R3 or R1.

C.      DLCI 17 is the Layer 2 address used by R2 to describe a PVC to R3.

D.      DLCI 17 describes the dial-up circuit from R2 and R3 to the service provider.


Correct Answers: C




A network administrator must configure 200 switch ports to accept traffic from only the currently attached host devices. What would be the most efficient way to configure MAC-level security on all these ports?


A.      Visually verify the MAC addresses and then telnet to the switches to enter the switchport-port security mac-address command.

B.      Have end users e-mail their MAC addresses. Telnet to the switch to enter the switchport-port security mac-address command.

C.      Use the switchport port-security MAC address sticky command on all the switch ports that have end devices connected to them.

D.      Use show mac-address-table to determine the addresses that are associated with each port and then enter the commands on each switch for MAC address port-security.


Correct Answers: C




The network administrator of the Oregon router adds the following command to the router configuration: ip route What are the results of adding this command? (Choose two.)



A.      The command establishes a static route.

B.      The command invokes a dynamic routing protocol for

C.      Traffic for network is forwarded to

D.      Traffic for all networks is forwarded to

E.       This route is automatically propagated throughout the entire network.

F.       Traffic for network is forwarded to the network.


Correct Answers: AC




Refer to the exhibit. The Lakeside Company has the internetwork in the exhibit. The administrator would like to reduce the size of the routing table on the Central router. Which partial routing table entry in the Central router represents a route summary that represents the LANs in Phoenix but no additional subnets?




A. is subnetted, 1 subnets

D [90/20514560] via, 6w0d, Serial0/1


B. is subnetted, 1 subnets

D [90/20514560] via, 6w0d, Serial0/1


C. is subnetted, 1 subnets

D [90/20514560] via, 6w0d, Serial0/1


D. is subnetted, 1 subnets

D [90/20514560] via, 6w0d, Serial0/1


E. is subnetted, 1 subnets

D [90/20514560] via, 6w0d, Serial0/1


F. is subnetted, 1 subnets

D [90/20514560] via, 6w0d, Serial0/1


Correct Answers: D




Refer to the exhibit. HostA cannot ping HostB. Assuming routing is properly configured, what could be the cause of this problem?




A.      HostA is not on the same subnet as its default gateway.

B.      The address of SwitchA is a subnet address.

C.      The Fa0/0 interface on RouterA is on a subnet that can’t be used.

D.      The serial interfaces of the routers are not on the same subnet.

E.       The Fa0/0 interface on RouterB is using a broadcast address.


Correct Answers: D


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